Lewisham Homes

High Level Drive and Woodpecker House

Contract Length:
4 months

Contract Value:

Services Provided:
CCTV Installation



This project was in two parts which involved the installation of CCTV with micro wave transmission, both transmitting images and telemetry back to the CCTV control room of Lewisham Homes.

Details of Services Provided:

High Level Drive is a high-rise estate located in the Borough of Sydenham.

Comprising 5 ten storey blocks each with 60 dwellings.

The task was to install vandal resistant day/night CCTV domes to view the front and rear ground floor external entrance doors, lift and stair case lobby doors on each of the landings.

  1. A galvanized containment system was installed in each block rising from the ground floor to the tenth floors.
  2. The control and recording equipment plus the 12 volt power supplies for the cameras were located in a locked tank room.
  3. All of the CCTV equipment was manufactured by Bosch with the 1.6tb Bosch Dibos 8 + 16 channel networkable DVR.
  4. The systems were connected to a Motorola system with 4 blocks linking to the master block via microwave transmission.
  5. The signals were then transmitted via a relay array located between High Level Drive and the control room for a distance of 18 kilometers.

Woodpecker Road is a mixed dwelling estate.

  1. Following a spate of knife and gun crime the Borough decided to install a total of 4 fully functional cameras and 2 fixed cameras.
  2. The fully function cameras were pole mounted all within close proximity of the 18 storey high rise block
  3. We installed 2 x 100mm underground ducts 1 for power the other video approximately 450 metres to each camera location.
  4. 4 meter poles and bases were installed
  5. The day/night 360 degree vandal resistant domes were mounted on swan neck brackets, with controllers and telemetry units with 240v breakers installed in the base of the poles.
  6. The two fixed cameras were located on low rise blocks 450 meters from the tower blocks, and day/night vandal resistant domes were located to give a field of view along  footpaths.
  7. Power was taken from local landlords supply and video via trenching back to the high rise block.
  8. The video and telemetry from all the cameras was taken to the roof of the high rise block using  the existing riser system,
  9. On the roof a microwave aerial was installed for transmission to the CCTV control room.

CCTV Control Room

  1. On the roof of the CCTV Control Room we installed 2 sets of Motorola transceiver Aerial arrays.
  2. These were cabled 18 floors down to the CCTV Control Room where the systems were configured into the existing control and viewing suite
  3. The whole installation was commissioned and handed to the client.