Hackney Homes

Installation of door entry systems

Contract Length:
5 years

Contract Value:
Approx. £1.4 million per annum

Services Provided:
Access Control
Installation & Maintenence
Electrical installation & maintenance

Details of Services Provided:

Installation of Door Entry, Access Control, CCTV, Replacement steel and wooden doors to numerous residential blocks over 5 years

  1. Once blocks were assigned for capital works, we surveyed all blocks.
  2. Then, following the criteria set out by the Client we produced an SOR costing sheet for the complete block, which included all the entry phone equipment, installation of containment, cabling, door prices and any builders work from the nominated suppliers list of contractors.
  3. Along with the Client and Tenants Association Representative, we arranged Resident Consultations, either at the local Community Hall or via individual door knocks to present our proposed design and discuss any requirements they may want us to include within their block, particularly requirements for older or disabled residents.
  4. We then compiled electronically a file for that particular phase of works which  consisted of individual folders of photos, sketches, door quotes, equipment quotes, builders quote, door drawings for approval, approval of door drawings, grilling quotes, orders placed, purchase orders received, residents satisfaction sheets, Residents handbooks, fob token issue sheet, snagging sheets, completed snagging sheets, commissioning sheets, O&M manual.
  5. We forwarded on all relevant SOR’s, quotes, photos and sketches to the Client Project Manager for approval and visited each site to confirm our design is acceptable and included all necessary and agreed amendments.
  6. Once agreed and purchase order issued, we raised orders to all concerned and obtained their earliest install or delivery dates so we could produce a programme of works to the Client showing start and completion dates which could be updated at monthly progress meetings to show actual start and completion dates so our KPI could be monitored.
  7. Our first priority once entry equipment was delivered to our stores was to programme fob tokens and deliver these to the local housing office for that particular block or estate.  This meant that the switch on date could be obtained as soon as the system was completed so the block was secured.
  8. When each estate or block had been completed snagged and de-snagged, an O & M manual was produced containing all relevant manuals, drawings and certificates and handed to the project manager.
  9. We were then issued with a practical completion certificate.
  10. Once a month we submitted applications for payment, and when agreed we invoiced the client.
  11. These works were carried out by a close working team of Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Installation Engineers, our supply chain of door and equipment providers, and builders. Our teams are all briefed with health and safety and environmental issues and work closely with our Client and Residents alike.
  12. We are pleased and proud to have been informed by our client that we came out top of their 3 contractors with our KPIs.