Hackney Downs Park

installation of a CCTV system within Hackney Downs Park

Contract Length:
6 weeks, maintained within the Hackney term contract.


Services Provided:
CCTV installation
Access control


The Brief

To install a CCTV system within Hackney Downs Park

The Outcome:

Installation of Dynapel Motion Detector CCTV System.
This system obtained all the way from California, can distinguish between the movement of a person and that of a dog, or a tree blowing in the wind – and focus only on the images that it is configured to capture. It can also distinguish between people and cars, ignoring either or capturing both, as required.
The system is currently configured to focus on people, so they are effectively accompanied through the park!


Specialist cameras and software are designed to provide higher levels of security and ensure safety of the area.